Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yard Sale Find

I had my hubby stop by a yard sale today. I found a lamp (which I'll show you hopefully tomorrow) and this wall paper border. It was .50 a roll. I bought all three....just in case. Here is a pic of my hat boxes I spray painted white recently.
I purchases 3 for $5.00. I liked them white but they were missing something.
I tried stenciling the no. 5 on one of the boxes (....note to self don't use permanent markers....they run) let's just say it didn't work out exactly as planned.
I stole...or borrowed this idea from my cousin. She's into primitives and covers boxes, Christmas tins (isn't that a great idea) or anything with a nice shape but not so pretty pattern. I actually had my daughter Myleigh cut some of the pieces out. I cut the top strip and bottom strip off the original border.

I also cut the one cherub out to place on the front of one of the boxes. I tried to be creative places pieces vertical and horizontal. I also placed strips around each lid to tie them together.I dipped the border in water, put the glue sides together and waited about 2 minutes. Then I unfolded them and stuck them on. It really was that simple! In all honesty (besides the paint) I only have $5.50 invested in these decorative storage containers!


  1. How cute and clever!!
    you are so smart!
    Doncha love when two bargains come together to make a craft?

  2. You turned something plain into a beautiful piece of work..Nicely done and very creative. That is smoke from a fire on my sky watch photo.

  3. Found your blog by following a comment on another blog. Caught up on as many posts as I could read this morning and will catch up on others. Found lots of inspiration! I LOVE that you share your finds/costs and then the redo's.
    I'll be checking in again!

  4. I love them!!! The cherubs are just the right touch. They are a match made in heaven. lol. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  5. Great idea. That's perfect! I love them.