Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally, Yard Sale Finds

I've been running late ALL week! I just can't seem to get everything finished. But, I am finally posting about my great yard sale finds of the weekend! Mike took me out Saturday morning and it was a bust for miles......sad right? But patience finally paid off! We stopped at a sale and these were some of his prices: lamp shades (set of 2) for 50 cents, box of glass Christmas ornaments in pinks, blues, and creams $1.00! Needless to say I had a "pile" of items at this sale. I also picked these things up: everything pictured, a small wall pocket with roses and an adorable pair of antique ceramic baby shoes (that I forgot to put in the pic) and, hubby got a swivel hunting seat with cooler that was marked $2.00! I asked him to add me up....knowing at these prices it wouldn't be much.....he said oh, how about $6.00 for everything? UH, YEAH! Couldn't get the money out fast enough!
I found these sconces at a consignment shop they were .99 each!

I found this piece at an antique store. They had tons of new decor items. This was in the $10.00 or less section. I don't know why but the price had been around $90. Who really would pay THAT much? Well, because the paint was chipped it was a whopping $5.99! A super bargain because it's about 3 1/2 feet long! I'll be painting it soon. Believe it or not I didn't hang it upside down.....this is the way it was meant to be......I did take the screws out and turn it the other way (just not for this picture) lol!

I bought this urn at Lowe's last week. I ACTUALLY paid full price for this one......I know hard to hurts to admit it! It was $23.00. Well worth it for the size and shape.
But, for all the money I spent......I made up for it with the $5.00 pedestal it's sitting on! The guy had a price of $7 and I asked if he would take less.....$5....sold!!! Couldn't get to my money fast enough!

I also bought a garbage bag full of plastic candy canes for $1.00. I know I saw someone in blog land who painted theirs pink. I need to see it again......if you have any idea who it was, please let me know.....although, that's a project for fall.....I think!
Good Luck with your sales!

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  1. Hi Crystal,
    You found a lot of great stuff! Those sconces will look great painted once painted!
    I'm glad you visited. Thanks for your sweet comment about my teeny, tiny bath!
    Have a great day!!
    ~ Jo :-)