Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Just thought I would give you a sneak peek at a project in the works (and when I say in the works I mean in the next year...ha ha). I decided to put peel and stick tile in my bathroom. Yes I know what you're thinking "what is she thinking???". It's OK I have my reasons.

#1. I already have ceramic tile and to install it, I have to have backer board or cement board which will add around 1/2 inch. The tile itself another 1/2 inch. Then you have to add a strip of something between that and hardwood. So there would be a step up in the bathroom.....no thank you.

#2. This really isn't half bad. You would have to touch it in order to tell the difference...come on if you ever get that close to my floor you'll be too engrossed by the dirt to notice it's not real tile.

#3. Super easy to put down....because I installed in the house we built at vocational school (experience is always a plus).

#4. Did you know you can grout between the tiles now? How cool is that?

#5. I got it on clearance at Lowe's. I got 3 boxes (way more than enough) and it was only $46.80. That's only the tile and I still have to get the grout....but c'mon that's super cheap for a bathroom floor!

Now I can save my ceramic for around my shower, or back splash in the kitchen....hmmmm. I spent hours in Hobby Lobby today buying goodies (at 80% off). I'm so tired I can't blog about them today so I'm getting ready for bed. I'm going to rest, relax, and enjoy my new issue of Romantic Country I just got in the mail today!!! Yay!!!
Have a great evening!

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