Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New Bike!

I'm joining Cindy @ for Show and Tell Friday

I'll begin with my new lamp. I found this little beauty at a yard sale for $1.50! I'm pretty sure the cord has been replaced. It has a marble bottom and places to hang prisms!! I've had this shade for a while. It was on a different lamp. I had this trim too. I bought it for a different project.....$1.87 for 3 yards. It was just enough to put around 2 shades.

Here's my after!! I love makes everything look better! I also added them!
Not bad for the price!

I borrowed this next idea from Sandi @

Thanks so much Sandi, my bike is not as pretty as yours but I love her anyway!

We lease land above the road from us to keep our horses on. It has an old house that's falling apart. I've found several treasures there. This bike has been there for years and I've been meaning to bring her home. She's missing half a handle bar but, I convinced my hubby to load it up for me!

I bought cans of white paint several days ago at Wal-Mart for .96 a can.

Here she is!! What a beauty.....for free! I added a basket (one I already had). I'm so excited! The complete makeover was 2 cans of paint!


  1. What a cute lamp and I lovvvve that bike! What a cute garden accent.

    I came here via Show and Tell Friday. Hope you can visit me over at Pittypat Paperie.

  2. So beautiful, I have an old bike I'm going to paint, it's been a hard decision to do it, but when I clean up my summer furniture (when the rain finally stops)I'm going to put it in the line-up to spray too! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  3. you live closer to me than Sandi does? If so and your bike is missing I know nothing about it!! I love your bike!! This is on the top of my list to find this summer!!

  4. YAY for you Crystal!!! Glad you found a bike and fixed her up. She is BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. SOOOO CUTE!!! I have a pink one :))

  6. Love the transformation-white, white and more white. With me a little pink is always fun!