Thursday, June 24, 2010

Problem Solved

Here is the before. I've been happy with it for a while but, needed a change.
Here is a mantle that I bought in Hillsville, Va for $25.00. I was so excited. Hubby carried it to the car and people were asking where he had gotten it. It came from an old farm house in Pennsylvania. I've had it stored in my attic for a few years now...I know.... what was I thinking! It's awesome! I pulled mirrors and chandeliers from my bedroom. My small mirrors and black boxes came from Hobby Lobby. The pottery, picture frames, silver mirror, and shelves were all yard sale finds.

Here's the after. I'm trying to decide whether to paint the, silver, or cream. I'm liking the layout of things, though.
Carlee decided to pose for the picture.

I still think I need to paint the walls.....any suggestions on colors? I'm thinking nothing too white, or too brown, can't be yellowish. I want warm and creamy....I think! It has to be cheap paint too....I could never pay a lot for has to be changed too!


  1. Looks great! I'm not much help with choices of paint colors right now because I am obsessed with white and cream. Your mantle is incredble.

  2. Definately a warm neutral will be amazed at the difference!!

  3. You have done very well with what you have, so I am sure you will make the right choice on the paint. I favor light colors. Your arrangement of the old mantel and other things looks great.