Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm A Proud Mama

I received my cards from Leslie!! I have been sooooo excited! I wanted to share a couple of the things I've done with them. I had the perfect frames for these....aren't they adorable?
I added one to this birdcage......this one is perfect for here!

Doesn't it look better? I understand it's difficult to see through bars.....I hope these are the only bars I ever look through....ha ha!

On to the real story of the day!! My daughter found this shirt at a Gabriel Brother's Store. If your not familiar with the store they have tons of name brands at discount prices. Unfortunately you have to look very closely at what you buy. Lots of things have missing buttons, stains, or sometimes (huge) holes as in this case. Myleigh really liked this shirt. She found a tank for $1.00 and it looked great under the shirt! Go figure! I asked the manager to discount the shirt for the enormous tear and he said $2.00. Not bad for a 2 piece set.

This was our remedy to the problem. Just looked at it a different way! I added a few more tears (after slicing my finger...arrrg)! I think it looks great and it's now her favorite shirt.

I'm so proud! She grabbed a shirt I honestly would have seen NO potential in and now it's her favorite shirt! I may just have a crafter on my hands....yay!


  1. She is a beauty and definately has a good eye!!

  2. AH! Look what you did with them!
    I knew you loved birds, but what you did with them is so very cute!
    Those frames are gorgeous!
    Where did you find them?
    I may have to print some more for me!
    Your daughter is cute!
    How's your finger?
    Momma is the best craft teacher!