Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Projects or Finish Old Ones?

I really wanted a new project for today. Then I started thinking about ALL the existing ones I had going.
I was thinking about painting these white. Here is a piece of metal I found. I wanted to make garden tags with it, although it's sat in my living room floor for a week now!
Here are some glass bottles I wanted to make labels for............hint, hint (I need instructions)!

I bought these frames several years ago and brought them back out. I thought about putting keys inside but, couldn't find the keys..............until this morning .................grrrrr!

Here is some scrapbooking paper I bought at Michaels. I'm not able to go there very often so, I'm going to have to pace myself and use it wisely!
No need to be in a hurry.

Here is the biggest project of all! This poor cabinet! I've also had it for several years and for some reason only has a coat of paint on the I'm waiting for a nice day so I can kick everyone out of the house (the smell of primer) and finish it. I also began on the crown moulding and measured it wrong (let's just say not happy). Now that I've calmed down (and don't feel the need to throw it across the room, I do have the red-headed temper) I have a new plan and need to finish that.
Whew! I'm tired. I've already been to church, getting ready to post this, I'll be fixing lunch here in a few minutes. Hmmm I'll have to check out other blogs (to make sure I'm not missing anything), if someone calls I'll have to talk (can't ignore someone...that's just rude), well, I am kind of sleepy a short nap wouldn't hurt....right?
And I wonder why I can't get things done!!!


  1. Girl you better get busy, times a wastin'!! LOL Myself, I have been trying to finish some old projects, just to get them off of my kitchen counter!! Thanks for entering my give a way! Rhonda

  2. I feel your pain.I can't get crafty until I organize, but I can't organize until I sort,I can't sort until I clean I'm reading blogs:)

    my word verification: chill

  3. A so-true post. I only post the ones I manage to get finished. The other 10 million are still in a holding state - half finished, thought about, almost there... You know. lol. It's a real effort to stick to one and complete it. I pretend blogging has a deadline, and I must focus and finish one. Good luck.

  4. Crystal thanks for always stopping by my blog, I wish you could have made my market day as well. Take care and have a great week. Sandy x