Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Heart Hobby Lobby!

When Kelli and I went shopping, we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up frames. You know me.....let's go to the clearance section first!! Well, I'm thinking I should have kept quiet because I found things for ME!! I KNOW!! How can you help it? I found this cloche for $5.00. Couldn't pass that up! I've had this poor bird who's cracked and has a chipped wing. It was 10 cents at a yard sale way back.

Here they are together on a $3.00 desert dish from Home Goods (it's on a pedestal should have taken a better angle).

I found these great hooks. I've always liked birds but even more so now for some reason.

They're so pretty.

I also found this little canvas for $2.00. I couldn't pass it up either. It fits perfectly with my pink walls.

Those were my finds of the day. I'm wanting to go thrift store shopping.


  1. Can you believe there is no Hobby Lobby where I live!! I want to run, screaming, into their home office and say please please please build one just for me :)

    Love that bird cloche. It would look beautiful in my home also.

  2. Can someone please tell Hobby Lobby to come to NY? I shopped online last week but they had nothing compared to what you found! Love those bird hooks!