Monday, May 31, 2010

Been Busy.....Painting!

This is a cabinet that currently resides in my kitchen. It belonged to my grandmother and I wasn't sure what to do with it. Once I brought it in and placed it, it's been useful to store linens. Extra comforters, blankets,etc.
It's been this color since probably before I was born. It took a while before I made the decision to paint.
I'm glad now that I did. It looks amazing in white.
We've been going to cookouts, putting hay up, and I started working out.....needless to say busy is an understatement!! Hopefully I'll get things lined out soon, finish projects and show "the real" afters!!!
Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!


  1. I liked the cabinet both ways. You did an a great job on refinishing it. You know how to do so many neat things. Rest awhile today.

  2. Great storage. Love the crisp, clean white.

  3. gorgeous the white finish! and how nice that it once belonged to your grandmother!