Monday, May 24, 2010

Ego Boost

Nothing like watching an episode of Hoarders to make you feel better about yourself!! Ha Ha! I've not gotten to any projects today. I had a friend call last week and come by for a visit. Needless to say you can see the floor now!! Yay!, there is a table there!
Other misc. spots which are generally exist!

You can actually sit ON the couch.

I sure wish I was neat and organized and didn't have to freak out when someone stops by. I just don't think I was made that way (or I would stop shopping...yeah right)! Well, off to clean!


  1. There's nothing like someone coming over to get me motivated also, lol. We love to have guests stay with us and especially in the summer, often do, and that's when I really get the deep down dirt that I normally don't even see. It's amazing what I never even see dust when my contacts are out.

  2. I'm the same.I get so used to how things look,staying home everyday...that it just doesn't register when it begins to get cluttered!Your house is so pretty!

  3. You are not the only one in this group. I used to keep a better house, but no more. However, one thing I will not have is clutter. I personally know people that are the real hoarders and it has to be a sickness to live like that.

  4. Your house is so pretty! I used to struggle with the same issue of clutter and panicking when people came by. Then I found Her babysteps and routines really do teach you how to control clutter. My life has been changed by learning to deal with it for 15 minutes at a time. It works!