Thursday, May 6, 2010

More "Shopping" & Before & After

Here are the candle holders I was telling you about! Aren't they too cute. Yes dusty I know but I just laid them out of the box they were in and snapped. How about this lamp!!! I forgot I had it too. Surprise!!

The after on frames and the trash can and tissue box. Nothing like a fresh coat of white.

The planter and stand!! Finally! The stand was in the attic....knew where it was. The basket on top....not so much. After searching I found it!! The before green and rusty.

The after white!

I had picked up a curtain to match my shower in the bathroom (even though I don't have a window). This is the curtain lining my basket of goodies.

The finished product!! One down 100 more to go!


  1. That's such a great idea to line a metal planter and use it for storage! I'm thinking...I have a teeny tiny downstairs bathroom...hmmmm...

  2. I like things painted white too. I love that you used the planter in the bathroom to hold your goodies. Great job. Now get to your other 100 projects. lol. Thanks for visiting my blog & for leaving me a comment on my tablescape. Thanks!!

  3. LOVE those candle holders!


  4. Hi Crystal, I love the new finds, and of course everything looks nice after a bath in white. Thank you for the lovely comments. I will try to explain about my walls. I first paint it in a base coat of satin fine white (former Martha Stewart color)then I wipe on and wipe off a Ralph Lauren glaze, tea stain. You have to work kind of fast because it can streak and get heavy in spots. I just use several rags and work from top to bottom in sections and I try to blend each new section together. I only do one wall at a time. Afterward I looked for any spots that I thought were too dark and I did the wipe on wipe off with the undercoat of paint watered down. I have also done this treatment in my bedroom only darker. When that room is clean and ready for photos, I will show. I hope I helped. I try to say never be afraid to paint, you can always paint over a color if it does not agree with you. Happy day.