Friday, May 14, 2010

Does Anyone Out There Have This??

Does anyone out there have this???



Maybe it IS just me! The entire family gathers here. We eat here, drink here, study here, most importantly blog here!
No, I normally wouldn't show ANYONE this mess but, I cleaned it. Here we are!! Yay! I'm using my pink lamp I found in the outbuilding AND my flea market boxes. I'm thinking about a redo on the bulletin board (it needs it)!

Now if only I could do the rest of the room.........

Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG, if I was only as brave as you, to post a picture of my computer area, it's also my sewing room, dressing room and was really suppose to be my craft room, but ahem... it's too crammed full to even attempt such a feat! :( You did a wonderful job of organizing your space, good job!!! Thanks for visiting my S&T Friday, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs.

  2. My computer desk gets frightening at times, piled high with desk stuff plus dirty dishes and whatever lands there. You are not alone :)

  3. Oh sweetie it looks soooooo much better! I love it and yes, I do have this messs!

  4. I cannot sit down at my desk for 5 minutes before having it look like I had the window open during our 30 mile an hour winds we have been having!! You after looks great! I was thinking how pretty it might look with some scrap booking paper tacked up on the wall. I used spray adhesive (just a tad) so that I could take it off easily if I got tired of it.

    bee blessed

  5. Hey Crystal, I looked through all your pictures and you are doing such fun stuff, I love to check out everything and get new ideas from others. Then I came to this post and I laughed. Yes we all have those areas, the ones we do not let the camera see, thank you for sharing. The even funnier thing is that I have a post already started about the messes and dust we do not show and how the pictures we post do not show that. It is not so much that I stage my home, but I do clean the area well if I am going to post about it. As for my white wednesday post, yes the gardens do look beautiful but they do need to be weeded, that is the part you do not see or notice but I do. It is fun to treat your outside with as much love as we put into our homes. Have a wonderful day.