Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Apologizing Now

I'm apologizing now for what you are about to see! Prom pictures are in and I'm in love with them!!!! You need to hear a little background before I begin. My oldest daughter is definitely a tom boy. She hunts and fishes. She's taking auto mechanics in school the next school term to work on her car. Let's just say dresses are "not for her"!! Well, she was invited to prom by her friend. You've been hearing me talk about my friend Kelli. My daughter insisted I get her to take prom pics. Well here they are:

Alex kissing my other daughter Myleigh (a mother doesn't see that as much as she would like)!

She only wore the boots for pictures but aren't they great props?

She and her friend David.

When I look at these........tears.
She's really growing up!

Here she is with her pride and joy....her car. I still think she looks like she's modeling the dress!

Thanks for letting me brag a bit! Kelli and the Outlaw Photography Studio did a fantastic job. My daughter's beautiful all the time but, sometimes she takes my breath away!
I'm joining Marla @Always Nesting for Woo Hoo Wednesday!
This is definitely a Woo Hoo moment!
I'm also joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday!


  1. Oh Crystal, your daughter is beautiful!! The hair, the gown...the photos are amazing. Woo Hoo! Isn't it bittersweet when they get old enough to go to prom? You really know they are almost grown up and part of you just wants them to be little for a bit longer? Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with all of us.

  2. Hi Crystal,
    Your daughter is just lovely!! Those photos are fabulous, what a treasure!
    My babies are only 2 and 6, but before I know it they will be going to there first prom and I will be bawling like a baby! And good for your daughter taking auto shop! I wish I would have, then I would never need a man to fix my car.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit, I really appreciate your lovely comment.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Crystal,

    You're wise to take lots of pictures of these special moments - time flies, doesn't it? These are really great - thanks for sharing.


  4. Such pretty prom pics, Very unique, your daughter is beautiful! I can still remember my kids proms, good memories!

  5. I just had to comment on your daughter's prom photos, they are darling and she looks fabulous. Love the dress and oh yeah, the boots are great. You need to be proud. She's a great little gal!