Friday, May 28, 2010

Laundry Area Redo

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A $1.00 yard sale find got the wheels turning! I had picked up pictures a couple of months ago and decided I wanted my laundry area to have a beach theme. I'm ONLY 8hrs from the beach so.......let's just say we don't get there often.
These are the pictures I got for $1.00. The large jar was my grandmothers and the sign was a Marshall's clearance special for $2.00. Isn't it funny how I had no intention of putting them together but they all match......go figure! OOOOHHH! I just fell in love with these! I bought them for $1.99 each! They're tin and sooooo dreamy!
I've been waiting to put this apothecary jar here. You'll have to excuse the basket on the wall I ran out of white paint (I know how could I EVER let that happen)!

I was too ashamed to post what it looked like before...........just imagine the computer area....again!
This is the after. I love how fresh everything looks together.

Is it perfect??? No, but neither am I. I plan on putting up a wall someday. The laundry area is IN my kitchen. Do I like That's a story for another day. At least I've made progress in another area.

100,000 more areas to go.
Does that give me permission for more yard sales?????
I think so too.....just mention you agree to my!


  1. Your laundry area looks great! Isn't it amazing how we collect things separately only to find that they go together so well? I love your grandma's jar and the tin pictures. That is a sweet corner.

  2. Beautiful! Great way to better live with the laundry area in the kitchen! Another idea (would involve front-loading washer+dryer....)put a counter over the two and hang curtains in front of the offending units. You could also add cabinetry that matched the rest of the could really do this on the cheap! For way less than building a wall!

  3. You know every house has a problem area. I used to have laundry in the kitchen too. I think you did a great job. I love the jar from your grandmother.

  4. LOVE your laundry room! Super jealous!! It looks great!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  5. I love that you love it! THAT is the best part about is very cute and I love the tins too...that era of art is my most favorite! Your post about your daughter's prom pics was so sweet...a girl and her car...too cute!
    Have a great weekend1