Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Feel Better....I Think!

I am feeling Soooo much better....I think! The last time I thought I felt better I had a relapse then was in bed for another couple of days!!! Sheesh...is this EVER going away??? Let me just say having a fever sucks!!!

On to the GOOD things....
I received my sign from Ramsign last week. I know it's corny but I was so excited to receive an out of the country package (it came from Denmark)!!!

 The sign was just an added bonus!!!
This was a giveaway and I won....
Can you believe I won something???
I'm still in shock!!!! Thanks again Sandi!!!!
This is just the greatest sign ever!!!!

 I also stopped at a yard sale...(after telling myself...no more stuff)....and found this cute bath print!! It is really cute....how could I pass it up right???? Just saying don't you hate glare??? So annoying!

 Last I found this cute bag!! It was a whopping .25. Of course I would buy it and put ruffles on it....


the more I looked at it.....

the less I wanted to cover it up!!!!

 See the inside.....it's cute too!!!!

I think it needs a little somethin' somethin'....maybe a black and white flower....you know I like flowers....I guess we will see!!! I need to begin projects again but I've had homework.....ughhhhh!!! I'm so sympathizing with the kiddos right now!!! I hate homework but this homework will hopefully win me some $$$$$!!! I want first prize so bad.....
first prize will buy me a new camera!!!! I need that money!!!
If I don't blog regularly this week you'll know I'm STILL doing homework!!!
I'll find out next Wed. wish me luck!!!!!

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  1. Crystal I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I hope this time it's the real thing *fingers crossed for ya*
    I get excited whenever I receive a package from overseas as well! Love your new sign! And I agree with you that a big flowsey blowsey flower would look great on your new bag! Cute find my friend! Vanna