Monday, May 23, 2011

Antique Shopping

We went out shopping Saturday. I really didn't even have a plan (I always have a plan)!!! The only place I really wanted to go was an antique store called Beaver Creek Antiques. I was there recently and had found something I really wanted. Did I buy it when I found it....NO!!! Have I thought about it since then....YES!!! Why do I do these things???? The darling little item of my thoughts...a glass ice bucket!! Do I NEED!! To make matters worse I found the exact ice bucket at another antique store for $30!!! Thirty dollars!!!! WHAT!!! I just passed one up for $5!!! When will I ever learn???

So....back to the antique store we went. I tried not to frantically run back to the booth....tee hee hee!!! So I walk in the booth and I'm devastated because I don't see it!!! Oh NO!!! What have I done???? But, after scouring the booth there it is!!! Still half of $9.99 Yay me!!!!! After walking around I also found this great bottle....$2.00.

                                               This little cherub statue was a whopping $3.00.

                                             I brought it home and placed these flowers inside.

I didn't think my antique day could get any better until.....
I ran upon this wonderful Victorian book!!!
It's a Victorian scrapbook.

 Lots of things had been torn out but the book alone is wonderful. It did still have several pieces of clip art....

                                                                         and cards.....

The best part....this wonderful book....$5.00!!!! I love it and can't wait to scan these cards!!!!


  1. Wow Crystal! Those are awesome finds at awesome bargain prices. Good for you girl!

  2. I heart the cherub statue! Nice finds.

  3. Love your finds!! my fave is the Vict scrapbook!

    Thanks for cominng by my place.

    barbara jean

  4. I HEART that scrapbook!! *winks* Great finds Crystal! I've had that happen to me too many times to count. Usually when I go back to collect said item it's you got very lucky my friend! Vanna