Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day To Me!!!!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!! Mine was perfect!!! I went to church....and then hit a bag sale!!!

Oh bag sales how do I love thee??? Let me count the ways.......
(Everything you see was included in one bag minus this dress form/picture holder. It was $1.50.)

Pictured with the dress form....2 sheer panels.

 A pair of ruffled curtains....I know it's hard to tell....they have small ruffles all the way around both sides....

and across the top!!! I wish there would have been more of these!!!

 Tons of ruffly goodness!!!

 I found this awesome bedspread....look at these sheer ruffles!!!!
(This is the one I decided to use instead of the one yesterday)

 A quilted top.....

 Two white pillowcases....

 A bed skirt....wouldn't this be a great base for a ruffled tablecloth?

 I'll get completely off track...away from solid white and show these vintage pieces.....
(also included in the bag)

 Last but not least a chocolate brown sheer....great to use in the fall and winter.

I used the following items in my bedroom makeover:
Pillowcases, 2 sheer panels, and bedspread.
Everything you've seen was stuffed in one Wal-Mart sized grocery bag.....the entire bag was $5.00!!! Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!! I know you ladies understand hitting a great yard sale....bag sale is the greatest gift you could possibly get on ANY DAY!!! After the sale my husband and kids took me out to eat and let me take a nap!!! The perfect day!!!

How was your weekend????


  1. Girlfriend that sounds like the perfect day to me too! Finding great treasures with the ones you love AND food out.....Perfect Mothers Day! Love all your finds! Wow! Vanna