Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Church Sale On Saturday

On our way to the antique mall on Saturday we happened by a church sale!! I must say I'm rather proud of myself....no yard sale trips this year. Some of my junk has got to go!!!! I need to have a HUGE, GINORMOUS SALE!!!! But until then.....I'm trying to control my shopping. Here are a few of the things which were too good to pass up!!!!
A pair of Ikea mirrors....I've never owned Ikea anything!!! That was exciting....but to get both mirrors for .50!!! Score!
 I purchased all three of these candles for .75!! Mmmm, pumpkin spice and mulled cider...perfect for fall!
 I've been looking for a cream colored handbag!! I think it needs a little something but the shape and style are perfect!!! I also purchased my daughter and a friend an entire bag of clothes....the total price for the sale $4.25 for everything!! I love sales!! I just can't stay away all summer....I'll be lost!!!!
 While at the sale they mentioned they were giving away hot dogs for free with a blood donation. It's something I've always meant to do....but just not ever got around to!! We were purchasing hot dogs anyway (aren't church hot dogs the greatest)!!!! So off I went to donate my blood!!!!
The experience wasn't bad and I think I'll do it again.....My arm just looks horrible!!! I donated on Saturday and today is Tuesday and it STILL looks this bad!!! It looks much worse than it feels!!!! But it was for a great cause!! I'll find out about my competition at school tomorrow....can hardly wait....c'mon prize money!!!! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!


  1. Those are some great finds! I especially like those IKEA mirrors! Sorry about your arm!

  2. Those mirrors were a great score! And ouchy!! Your arm looks pretty bruised. I've given blood for years and haven't had that happen....yet. Vanna