Friday, September 3, 2010

Hillsville, Va....Here I Come!!

I'm heading to the flea market in Hillsville, VA tomorrow! I am so excited! The thing about an entire town having a sale have to find something!!! We normally stop at garage and yard sales on our way to the flea market. That's where we find the best deals. I actually make VERY few purchases at the actual flea market. The things there are beautiful but WAY out of my price range. I wanted to share some of the things I've purchased from my trips in the past. A set of night stands....2 for $30.00
This lovely picture. Perfect for spring! I'm thinking it was around $15.00.

My vintage prints.....I love love love!!!!! Wishing now I had bought at least 10 more of these....crossing my fingers to find the same vendor again!!!! They were amazing bargains at $3.00 each!

A large metal ceiling tin!! I think it was around $10 or $12.

I'm hoping for nice weather....great bargains.......and lots of fun......wish me luck!
As soon as I recoup from the hrs. of driving....then, hrs. of shopping I'll share my great finds...or lack thereof!


  1. My fave is the ceiling tin. Good luck with your bargain hunting...

  2. I have to agree, I usually find my best finds at the garage sales before a flea market. I love your tin, I found some but they wanted $30. for one, nope, keep looking. I am going to an annual Labor Day flea market in a neighboring town and I usually find at least one wonderful treasure for my home. Have fun!

  3. Oh, I cant wait to see what you find at the flea market!
    Have fun and have a wonderful weekend!