Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 2 VOTECH House

I'm still working on the house!! We spent week 2 & part of 3 building and putting up two outside walls. The morning class put up the left side and my class built and put up the right.
So far this year building walls is my favorite part!! They go up so quickly!! I'm enjoying school more this year.....less overload of information! Can't wait to show you what we did last week!!!!


  1. What a fun project for you! Now that's my idea of school.

  2. Hands on is ssooo much more fun than all of those books!! Who gets to live in it?

  3. The homes are auctioned off every year to make money for the following year. I was so thankful last years model was purchased by a family who had lost their home in a house fire.