Monday, August 30, 2010


Oh my goodness!!! I've not been on here in soooo long I just don't know how to!!!! I've been so busy!! School has began for the girls and myself! I hope to take pics this year of our would be so much fun to document the progress of our house (at school)!

Well, enough of that.....on to the fun!!! I was at the flea market a couple of Saturday's ago and ran upon a stack of frames!!! Needless to say I was sooooo excited....until I asked the prices! You KNOW I refuse to pay a lot for frames. Normally I pay between $1.00 to $4.00 for a large wooden frame. Well, this lady wanted $10.00 each! I was so upset! I did find one I fell head over heels in love with. So, I asked if she would take less??? PLEASE....TAKE LESS....(I was begging in my head)! She came down to $8.00. Not great but better. I had just enough $ to buy 2!!! They are real wood on the back......... Ta Dah!!! Here's the front!!! First, I wish it wasn't upside! But, this picture just doesn't do it justice! It's such a wide frame......imagine how beautiful it's going to be in white....yay!!!!

Here is frame #2! (Disclaimer: For anyone I'm about to's not my intention.) I'm not really sure why someone thought it would be a good idea to place plastic flowers in a frame????? Really???? But, I guess to each his own!!! Can't wait to rip, and tear all of someones hard work out, paint the frame and place a lovely print inside!!!!

Well, that sums up all of the excitement since I've been gone (I know it's sad)!! I'm looking forward to decorating for fall....except I have to clean the house first!!!! Hoping to hit the Hillsville,VA flea market this weekend (fingers crossed)! I'm sure if I go I'll have lots of goodies to share!!! Just so you know I've missed everyone!


  1. Those are just GORGEOUS. I'm thinking $8 a pop is a pretty darn good price. Can't wait to see what you put in them. I'm glad it won't be plastic flowers. lol.

  2. I think you bought a couple of nice frames for your money. Yeah, I have to agree the flower idea, not so good.

  3. Hi Crystal,
    Thanks for your visit!
    I am a sucker for old frames, I can't resist.
    I don't get the plastic flower thing either.
    I know what you mean about the price, but you still did great!