Sunday, September 5, 2010

Part 1, Hillsville Finds

I thought I would spread my finds over 2 days. I'm running out of projects...(that I want to do). I still have tons of things...I need to be!
I found all of these items at yard sales. I found these berries.....for.....are you sure you want to know???? OK...I'll tell you.....$1.00 each! I know, I couldn't believe it either! They are huge...the picture doesn't do them justice. I even asked to make sure (although they were marked)! I purchased 4 of them. I think they'll be great for fall or winter decor. At the same sale I bought all the bows for $1.00. A huge piece of Christmas garland w/ lights, and ornaments for $1.00. The small tree.. for $.50.
I purchased this metal sculpture for $.50. I had plans to rip it apart, not sure about my plan now, I'm beginning to like it!

I bought this silver platter for $.50. Can't wait to clean it up and use it. I also bought these 5 lampshades $1.00 for all. I'm excited to glam these up!

These were also great finds. They are plate holders as well as candle holders! I'm not sure what color they should be. I've thought black, white, or just leave them gold. I bought the set for $4.00.

Well, that was part 1. Hopefully I can share my favorites with you tomorrow. These were just to tease!!!

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  1. You always find the best stuff. I need to garage sale with you only we'd probably be the gals fighting over the good stuff :) I'd win of course!