Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Lots.... mom asked me to go out shopping again this past weekend. Did I say no???? Of course not!!! I actually stayed on budget this time!!! We decided to drop in at Big Lots...hadn't been there for a while. It was almost a total bust!!! I went to the aisle where Clarence lives (aka clearance). I found this little beauty. I had been looking for something to put ruffles on. I need ruffles!!! It's just a little satin handbag and I liked it had a zipper on the top....I hate junk falls out!!! I carefully snipped the flower off.......added lace..... re wrapped the flower....and this is what I have!!!!
My flower looks better if I do say so myself!

The back.....couldn't leave it....naked!!!

And guess how much my project was????? Give up???
OK I'll tell you!!!!

Yep, it was $1.00!!!! The lace panel I had, and just some rearranging!!! I just love Clarence.....he's so good to me sometimes!!!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Budget.....Bah Ha Ha Ha

I went out shopping with my mom last weekend and put myself on a budget, which would have worked had I not went to Hobby Lobby!!!! I blew my budget of $25.00 for the day in one stop and more!!! I should be supervised!!!!! All bets are off when Hobby Lobby goes 80% off! But, if you had found these beauties at these prices would you have passed them up either????
These tin prints were.....$2.80 each. These little cuties were.....$1.20 each.

These were $2.00 each.....I bought them to repaint and redo....I love the metal pieces on the top.

This little darling was $1.00........

More tins....same price as the first ones....who could pass up crowns???

Well, I doubled my budget. There were a few other goodies.....the girls were happy with picture frames, hooks, and tins for their bedrooms. We didn't starve this week so I guess it all worked out!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes.....It Would Be Nice

I think it would be nice to wear a dress with high heels......just to feel pretty. It would be nice and romantic to read by candlelight.
It would be nice to make baby clothes for your precious bundle of joy.

It would be nice to sew clothes and quilts by hand.

It would be nice to drink a cup of tea with your fancy gloves (except I don't care for tea).

It would be nice to hand write little notes to those who are special.

It would be nice to wear a pretty apron to cook the family a meal.

Sometimes it would be nice to go back in time and experience the romance of days gone by. Hmmm, maybe my family will come home one day to a mommy/wife wearing a dress and heels, cooking dinner, wearing an apron, while reading a book by candlelight. My family would think I was crazy....or (if I do it, I'll keep you posted on how it goes, you may be getting hand written notes from the loony bin)!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Repurposing A Hair Scarf

My daughter has had this little scarf. It's been laying around for a really long time. I believe these were in several years ago (several as in 5-8yrs)!!! I'm glad I didn't throw it away. I knew no one would ever wear it again so, I cut it up and this is what I did.
Three buttons later....this is what I came up with. I love the colors of this cute hair bow. Can't wait for my daughter to wear it!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Is Here....(At least in my living room)

I'm so looking forward to spring!! I can't wait!!!! I decided rainy and cold or not, spring here I come!!
My spring curtains!!!

I added a birds nest to this little cute!!!

My throw and pillows on the settee.

Sewing machine before.....


And final spring look!!!

My large wall over the sofa.......

My black accessories for winter...........

Spring is here!!!! My new pillow and scarf on the shelf.

Sorry for the quality of pictures this time....light was terrible and I've been experimenting with a different you can see...not working out so well!!!!

Happy White Wednesday!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

To Do List

Do you ever have a huge, ginormous to do list????? I ALWAYS have a list....but for some reason I decide to get a project done....I go blog hopping....then a new project comes along!!! Well, these things have been on "the list" for a while now. With a rainy day off school I did manage to make 1 pillow!!! I made this to drape over a shelf.

I made these things with leftover fabric and trim......not bad for a few hours of sewing......

I am sew out of practice.....ha ha.......!!!!!
I can't believe I just said it either!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Myleigh's Mirror

My daughter came to me and said she wanted a mirror for her room. She of course wanted to buy one. I informed her I had plenty at home....I was SURE I had a spare....somewhere!!! She found this poor dear laying around. I bought it at a yard sale....last summer??? Summer before??? Who knows....and yes it's been sitting for that long!!!! When you see the price....yes that's know why I picked up!!!!

After bringing it home I discovered it had been a door. If you look really close you can see where the hinges were. I added the wire and eye hooks.

Of course I used more of my Hobby Lobby paper.....I like for things to match......

I think she turned out really well. I still need to paint and a certain little someone needs to clean.......wonder why she doesn't like to clean????? tee hee hee

Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winner & Bag Sale #3

And the winner is......MEEEEEEE!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!! Thanks so much Sandi from..... for such a great gift. I'm sure this will be too much info but I really NEEDED a pick me up this week....husband not working, car broke down, horses won't stay in the fence, NOTHING was going right....those were the BIG THINGS.....much less all the small things that had me down!!!! But look!!!! I'm trying to decide what I want on my sign........ I want it to be perfect!!!! On to more bag sale finds.....I found bags....ha ha.....yes I put bags in a bag!!!! Who can't use a tote??? Aren't they cute?

My final for spring..... A ruffled valance, a green curtain panel, a green lace curtain, and a sheer piece of fabric!!!

I've been working on a few projects this week, hope to share soon!!!! Have a great Wednesday!!!!
Thanks again Sandi!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bag Sale Part 2

Part #2 from yesterday!
From the wonderful bag sale......I also picked up .....

2-matching black pillow cases

Another black pillow case

2-slate grey pillow cases
(all additions to my daughter's bedroom makeover)
Lots of clothes....I won't bore you with all of them....but here is one outfit.....Capri pants...with the option of 2 different tops.

1-flat white sheet

2-white pillowcases

2-valances....I wanted the ruffles

2-sheer panels

I have one more post of goodies. I purchased a ton of clothes.....(still wanting to bore you with all of those....but I'm having some self control). I love having something different to wear all the time!!!!

Looking forward to sharing tomorrow!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

$5.00 Valentine

It's really sad the highlight of my life for the past week and a half has been a bag sale!!! I do love these sales!!!! The first time I went in to this consignment store it was dirty and there were screaming children running everywhere.......let's just say NOT my kind of place!!! But, my mother suggested we stop in years later I gave in and stopped. Still not the cleanest place ever.....still a little disorganized but no screaming children....thankfully!!!! This brings us to today....well....yesterday....bag sale day!!!!! Yay!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!!! You usually walk in and get a large black trash bag to fill for $5.00. This day we got a small white kitchen trash bag (because we didn't bring our own). Bless my husband's my request he went to the dollar store and bought large trash bags (it's not like we can't use them anyway)!!! So off my mom and I went filling our for each of us of course. This will be a post of several days....I shoved....A LOT of stuff in my!!!!! This is some of what $5.00 can buy.......
1-patterned valance
1-full size white sheet w/blue floral trim
1-dining chair cover
1-piece of striped fabric
1-satin pillowcase
1-grey flat sheet

1-white pillowcase
1-white fitted sheet
1-set of sheer kitchen curtains
1-sheer window panel
1-white flat sheet
I'm posting based on what comes out of the laundry first....this is the first batch!!!!! I'm excited to show you the rest.....Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bed Before & After

This is my daughters bed before. As you know we're making over her bedroom. Her aunt offered her this great bed. She has been SO EXCITED!!!! I told her she could take the before pics....and here they are....before's by a 10 yr. old!!! It's actually a captains bed. It came out of a college dorm room....which is perfect because her room is small. It has 4 large drawers. The front had been painted white...sortive......

The drawers were black......

After lots of painting......

Here is a sneak peek of how it turned out!!! She painted the entire bed black. I decided to use leftover paper from the cornice to cover the drawers.

I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for new handles. We still have to paint and I have lots of spray painting and sewing to do!!! I'll keep you posted!


I really wish my ADD were not in overdrive ALL the time!! Just when I think everything has a place....and lots of things are in storage........I decide to change things again! What am I thinking....oh, yeah I've had too much time on my hands (horrible snow days)!!

But, look how pretty these things look together!!!! I need to make a few more pillows....I'm just not sure what I'm making yet. The fabric on the left are curtains. The flowers on the pillows match exactly....because it's leftover fabric. Here are some accessories I think will go really well.

I love these prints!! They were a gift from my mom. They came from an antique mall.

Well, this is the process......dig everything out....make a huge mess.....plan to make pillows......forget about pillows for months.......look at the mess for months!!!! Hoping to speed things along....this time!!!!!