Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes.....It Would Be Nice

I think it would be nice to wear a dress with high heels......just to feel pretty. It would be nice and romantic to read by candlelight.
It would be nice to make baby clothes for your precious bundle of joy.

It would be nice to sew clothes and quilts by hand.

It would be nice to drink a cup of tea with your fancy gloves (except I don't care for tea).

It would be nice to hand write little notes to those who are special.

It would be nice to wear a pretty apron to cook the family a meal.

Sometimes it would be nice to go back in time and experience the romance of days gone by. Hmmm, maybe my family will come home one day to a mommy/wife wearing a dress and heels, cooking dinner, wearing an apron, while reading a book by candlelight. My family would think I was crazy....or (if I do it, I'll keep you posted on how it goes, you may be getting hand written notes from the loony bin)!!!!


  1. Such a cute post and I loved the pictures. Even though you don't like tea, it is fun sometimes to drink coffee out of those cute little tea cups. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Crystal! Oh my goodness this was funny!! I can also see you're my kind of shopper! High five *slap* for the discount deals! *winks* Vanna