Monday, February 21, 2011

To Do List

Do you ever have a huge, ginormous to do list????? I ALWAYS have a list....but for some reason I decide to get a project done....I go blog hopping....then a new project comes along!!! Well, these things have been on "the list" for a while now. With a rainy day off school I did manage to make 1 pillow!!! I made this to drape over a shelf.

I made these things with leftover fabric and trim......not bad for a few hours of sewing......

I am sew out of practice.....ha ha.......!!!!!
I can't believe I just said it either!!!!!


  1. Looks like a awesome job to me!! Love that color!!

  2. Crystal I really love your shelf topper! My husband calls it the "coffin liner" look *winks* But I just LOVE it!! Vanna