Monday, February 14, 2011

$5.00 Valentine

It's really sad the highlight of my life for the past week and a half has been a bag sale!!! I do love these sales!!!! The first time I went in to this consignment store it was dirty and there were screaming children running everywhere.......let's just say NOT my kind of place!!! But, my mother suggested we stop in years later I gave in and stopped. Still not the cleanest place ever.....still a little disorganized but no screaming children....thankfully!!!! This brings us to today....well....yesterday....bag sale day!!!!! Yay!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!!! You usually walk in and get a large black trash bag to fill for $5.00. This day we got a small white kitchen trash bag (because we didn't bring our own). Bless my husband's my request he went to the dollar store and bought large trash bags (it's not like we can't use them anyway)!!! So off my mom and I went filling our for each of us of course. This will be a post of several days....I shoved....A LOT of stuff in my!!!!! This is some of what $5.00 can buy.......
1-patterned valance
1-full size white sheet w/blue floral trim
1-dining chair cover
1-piece of striped fabric
1-satin pillowcase
1-grey flat sheet

1-white pillowcase
1-white fitted sheet
1-set of sheer kitchen curtains
1-sheer window panel
1-white flat sheet
I'm posting based on what comes out of the laundry first....this is the first batch!!!!! I'm excited to show you the rest.....Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

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  1. I never have much luck at the thrift stores. The ones here never have a bag sale. That would be great way to find bargains if they had anything worthwhile. Sound like you did alright.