Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Is Here....(At least in my living room)

I'm so looking forward to spring!! I can't wait!!!! I decided rainy and cold or not, spring here I come!!
My spring curtains!!!

I added a birds nest to this little pot....how cute!!!

My throw and pillows on the settee.

Sewing machine before.....


And final spring look!!!

My large wall over the sofa.......

My black accessories for winter...........

Spring is here!!!! My new pillow and scarf on the shelf.

Sorry for the quality of pictures this time....light was terrible and I've been experimenting with a different camera........as you can see...not working out so well!!!!

Happy White Wednesday!!!!


  1. That little shelf cover you made really jazzes up the whole wall!! Looks great!!

  2. Love your spring look. You've got some beautiful furniture!

  3. Yeah for spring. I love the changes.