Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bag Sale Part 2

Part #2 from yesterday!
From the wonderful bag sale......I also picked up .....

2-matching black pillow cases

Another black pillow case

2-slate grey pillow cases
(all additions to my daughter's bedroom makeover)
Lots of clothes....I won't bore you with all of them....but here is one outfit.....Capri pants...with the option of 2 different tops.

1-flat white sheet

2-white pillowcases

2-valances....I wanted the ruffles

2-sheer panels

I have one more post of goodies. I purchased a ton of clothes.....(still wanting to bore you with all of those....but I'm having some self control). I love having something different to wear all the time!!!!

Looking forward to sharing tomorrow!!!!


  1. wow. I wish our consignment stores would catch on to this "bag sale" concept. Now that's a fun shopping day, indeed! -diane

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Love reading thru your blog. All That for 5.00? I would have done the same thing, make it worth while. I guess we will be stopping there more often. Your daughter's dresser, nice, did you buy the paper at hobby lobby? I think I bought rolls of that stuff after Christmas, since it doesn't look like Xmas. The white comforter, what a find. Do you know that is a 300.00 dollar comforter? And last, The little love seat, I LOVE IT. Your crafting comment, I know. When I create I get almost obsessive about it. I will spend sleepless nights thinking of projects, dreaming of pillows and stuff. So nice to meet you, blessings, Marta.

  3. You certainly did well on your bag sale. I am going to check to see if they do that around here.