Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cornice Before & After

I'm a little...OK a lot ashamed to tell this story!! It's horrible!! My daughter has been waiting since July for me to start on her room. She took her birthday money and bought a comforter, pillows, and accessories so I would redo her room in JULY. Oh, it's February? Where has the time gone??? This is one of those terrible mom moments!!! I FINALLY BEGAN!!! YAY!!! She was offered a new bed and we've began a redo on it (can't wait for you to see it)!! This is a cornice...a dreary boring $3.00 yard sale cornice.

I convinced her to purchase this lovely roll of wrapping paper. Can you believe this was Christmas's beautiful! We bought it half off at Hobby Lobby for $4.00. Expensive yes....but the graphic is perfect!

I took white glue spread it all over the cornice then just applied the paper. It did wrinkle in spots but, I used what I had. I don't think anyone will notice.
Here is the after!!! I can't believe how well it turned out. It looks so updated for nearly no kind of project.
I still need to rib border off, paint, rearrange furniture, finish her bed, make a bulletin board.......

Hmmm, I think I've figured out why I hadn't started before now!!! Ha ha! I'm going to get busy and hopefully share ALL the before & afters of this room!!!!
Wish me luck!!!


  1. I have one complaint about your blog. The pictures aren't big enough!! ;)
    I wanna see BIG!
    You do good work--show it off!
    That paper is amazing- mail me the leftovers???
    HUGS sweet lady!

  2. Leslie you should know I don't know how to make it BIG!!!!'re the one who fixed my header on my page!!!! If you can fix me again let me know......ha ha!!!!
    Thanks for the comment by the way!!!

  3. Pretty paper, you did good using it to transform your cornice. It looks really modernized.

  4. With your talent and help with her ideas, you will create a room she will enjoy. Take one day at the time.

  5. I love it! Very nice! I cant wait to see the room done. I like your ideas!