Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Wire Basket & What Is It?

I've been really behind on showing yard sale/ flea market finds. I think I've just been having one of those blah kind of weeks. Ya know, one of the mommy/wife weeks when you clean, wash clothes, cook dinner....and that's all your good for. Not to mention no one appreciates you. School will start next week and not only am I not ready, the kids aren't either. Poor me!!! lol. I'll get over myself soon! I do want to share this awesome wire basket and play a game of what on earth is it!!!
First this wire basket. I love this basket. I can just envision books, glass bottles, even napkins and linens would look great in this basket....if it doesn't end up in the attic...tee hee! It will have a home someday after all it was only a $1. But this! This I'm having issues with. I went to a yard sale and saw all this pink fluffy goodness! I picked it up and asked how much...trying to show my poker face, you know....and the guy said "Aww just take it". I replied "No I'll pay you for it." He said "No, just take it". Well O K thanks!!
I was so excited to get a freebie! But then, I got her home and began to look at it.....what on earth is this thing? I thought in the beginning it was just pink gauzy fabric. But it has this white mesh with zig zags on it....?????. I mean, why? I brought it in and unfolded it. It has these rings going down 2 sides. Hmmmm......?????

I thought it was a canopy....but if you hang it there are no flaps to get in or out. It just looks like a tent with no doors. Again....??????

Maybe someone has one and can tell me what it's for. Or just give me a suggestion on what it is? I'll use it anyway....it's pink. I still don't care for those white zig zags either. I think I just need to know what it is before I tear it apart! lol. The way my mind works sometimes....lol! Have a great day!


  1. Maybe it's mosquito netting, like in the tropics they put over a bed or crib? Just a guess, but hey for free, tear away and make something fabulous!!

  2. Maybe a Roman Shade type curtain? I have a basket exactly like that one...I have my yummy books and magazines in it sitting on the botton of my sofa table, It looks good.

  3. I have no idea what this could be but I do love the pink!!! And I like your basket too- I have been looking for some more of these- I have a deep freeze and thought if I got more baskets to organize things it would be easier digging and almost falling in the thing to find something! I am sure you will do something much more exciting with it!!!

    bee blessed