Friday, August 6, 2010

Find Of The Year!

Each year you find the one thing! The one thing you just don't know how you lived without! The best deal you've ever found. The one thing you just feel excited about, months or possible years after your purchase! I have "this thing". Bought it yesterday and I'm so excited!
I bought this yesterday......and no this is not it! Although I've wanted one for quite sometime, and it was a semi-great bargain a $10.00. I really like and possibly love it, it needs painted, and I know I can use it anywhere.....bathroom...for toiletries, kitchen, dining room, even may be in ALL those rooms before it's over. But, this!! This is the find of the year!! I've looked at it I know 6 or 7 times already! I was at a yard sale and saw a box. I saw something that caught my was a glass pumpkin. I picked up the pumpkin and noticed some books. I went digging through this box of junk....through books...looking for craft related books.....and there it was!!! This is what I saw........
Didn't look all that interesting until I opened it up..........

It was as if a ray of light was shining down on this book.

I dug through the box and this was the only book I mom asked me "do you want me to hold it?" I said No I've got it!!! A little....maybe a Lot overprotective of my book!

Best part.....I asked how much for the was $1.00. Holding my much for the greatest book I've ever seen? The one I can't live without? How much? How much? I need to know? OK, none of that actually came out of my mouth! Those were just the voices in my When I asked how much can you believe it was .......are you ready???? A $1.00!!! It even came with a disc for the PC!!! I hope to figure out how to use the disc and frequent the copy store!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!


  1. Great find. I do not blame you, I would not have let go of that book either.

  2. I see lots of projects in your future. Great book.

  3. I am so excited for you and I can not wait to see what you do with this new treasure trove. Oh the possibilities. Have a wonderful weekend.