Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Just The Greatest Lamp EVER!

I had one of those happy/sad days on Saturday. We were on our way to meet my dad and step mom at Olive Garden for daughters birthday lunch. I love, love, love Olive Garden but, I also love yard sales! Leave it to me to ruin a perfectly good day by staring out the car window like I'd lost my best friend! Yard sale after yard sale I couldn't stop at.....who needs prison....that was torture!!! lol Well, we had lunch .....which was made me feel better .....briefly. So we decided to come back home. Most of the yard sales were either complete busts or had packed up for the day. I did get my scissors (which I shared earlier). We were on a small stretch of road and passed a sale and I saw this sitting on a table. As I'm turning around in the seat to get a better says do you want to go back.....YES! So we turn and go back. I casually asked how much, I had already scoped out their prices and they weren't bad. After lots of chatting.....$10.00. Is it worth $10 probably but I was not about to spend that much. He eventually said gimme a $1!!! I practically ran to the car to grab the money. She was very spotted and good ol' vinegar cleaned it up nicely! I can't believe it worked! I didn't have enough prisms so I improvised with a couple of different types of glass beads!!

Isn't she a beauty??? Unfortunately I passed up the perfect shade yard saleing last week (that's what happens when I try to be good)!

I'll be on the lookout for the perfect shade now! Not to mention feeling a little guilty for not giving him more for the lamp.....he did tell me he got it for free.....that should help....right?


  1. Good for you! He wanted to get rid of it and you wanted to bring it home...looks like a win win! Gorgeous lamp!

  2. Hi Crystal, You scored big, what a great lamp. A $1.00, I would have done the same thing. It came out great and I like the shade on it, love the beading. Have a good weekend.
    The Swedish Room

  3. You are so funny describing the look of passing a garage sale as if you lost your best friend. Great bargain.