Monday, August 9, 2010

Scissors & Projects

I did get to stop by a yard sale this weekend. I spotted these scissors, picked them up, counted them (16) then put them back. I was thinking a dollar each wouldn't be bad but $16.00 at a yard thank you. I walked off then came back. I asked how much? She replied $10 not bad but not great either. I said will you take $8.00? She said sure and they were mine! Great for all the paper projects I have on "THE LIST". Now, some before & afters. This is an old glass jar I found in my pappy's garage....he was a mechanic by trade......I think it was some sort of paint sprayer.

It was impossible to take the lid off and clean it. I don't really mind....vintage. I used a print from the "Graphics Fairy". I printed it out and just used a white Elmer's school glue to adhere it to the bottle.

Here is another bottle. I've had it forever and it was headed to the yard sale/donate pile.

I changed my mind and here she is!
I love this print!!! It came from my new book. I also used the white glue on this project as well. I added a black ribbon and sewed a button in the center for some extra bling!

I filled this bottle with white buttons....also from a yard sale!

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  1. Love those bottles! The top one don't even look the same...Don't we just luv The Graphic's Fairy!!