Saturday, July 16, 2011

See The Beauty

Isn't it funny how sometimes you grow up with certain places you forget to see the beauty in them?
This is one of two of falls at our state park.
It looks like a lagoon in a movie scene.

It's not very big but, I remember swimming here when I was young. The water is always cool even in the middle of summer.

The way the water cascades down...the sunlight. It was beautiful. I've always loved it here but, noticed it's beauty today.

In times past if you were very still the little minnows would come and nibble  your about giggly girls!!!

                                                       I even saw beauty in a tree covered in moss.
God has surrounded us with beauty....I need to be more aware.....

and thankful. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life I don't stop to look.

This was a day for appreciating nature!

                      I hope you can go outside and appreciate the beauty you've been blessed with!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. You did a great job capturing so many pretty outdoor scenes. Nature is a great provider.

  2. It's gorgeous Crystal! And it does look right out of a movie. I'd be swimming there ever chance I got! *winks* Vanna