Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Fun Weekend Finds

I didn't realize how much I brought home. Isn't it funny you carry everything inside and it doesn't seem like you bought very much. Now, it looks as though I bought A LOT (after I said I was going to tone it down)!! Moving on.....
I bought both of these drawers for $3.00. One is real and one is fake....can you tell which is which?

Do you know what this is???? I had no clue but I knew what I wanted it for!!! It's used for canning food. I thought it would make a great plant stand!!!! For $.25 I didn't really think I could go wrong.

Other than the prints these were the finds of the day!!! I love this stuff!!! I sat in the car and looked at them over and over again. Does anyone else do that? You get so excited about "new toys" you ogle them in the car for miles down the road? I've been waiting to find a great deal on keys.....this entire lot of goodies was $1.00!!!

I love my pink for Christmas and it's somewhat hard to find.....this darling Santa had an original price tag of $25.00......I got him for $.25!!!! Not bad (Merry Christmas to me in July)!!!

Finally, (I'm sure you were wondering if it was ever going to end) this lovely candle holder was $1.00. I had found one at Hobby Lobby recently and wouldn't pay their price for it! This one will do just fine!

That concludes my goodies for the weekend. Thankfully I'm still on my yard sale high (isn't it terrible you get a rush from great bargains!) so, I've finished a few projects.
I'll be sharing them soon!!!


  1. Some wonderful deals. Not sure from the photos which drawer is real. Love the Santa for .25!

  2. OK the one in front is real from a singer sewing machine cabinet (The one in back is really cool too!) and the metal piece is a stand for a jam sieve. Great finds at great prices my friend! And you bettcha I've stared at my finds driving down the road....I've talked all night about my favorites...I'm sure my hubby wished I would just be quiet already! Lol! Vanna

  3. I'm loving the vintage hardware and keys. Nice haul for a nice price.