Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well, one party down!!! Only two more birthdays and school clothes shopping to go!!! Whew....I'm tired from thinking about it all!! I wanted to share some of her party decor!! We did a black, white, and pink theme. We used leftover wrapping paper from her bedroom redo...(that is still not finished)!!! Anyhoo, these are pics of her school cafeteria. Although it looked like birthday party threw up in the living room all week, I knew with the size of the cafeteria it wouldn't look like very much.

The gift table. Complete with monograms, and tulle I purchased at a thrift store for $1.00 a bag. I used frames from her bedroom and the photo holder from my living room.

The side wall. It was a huge wall to fill up. I know it's difficult to tell in the photo but tulle was draped along the top of the wall. We wanted the entire middle of the floor to be clear for her "dance". She wanted some of lights off to mimic a school dance. We did lower the lights, played music, and danced....I'm sure the ones sitting were entertained by a few adults (myself) attempting to dance.

I love paper roses...she also wanted lanterns and we hung them over the food tables. Like I mentioned before lots of space to huge in living room....not so big in the cafeteria.We were limited on wall space and couldn't take posters off the walls.

We made our own candy bouquets. We hot glued florists foam from the Dollar Tree and placed lollipops, gum on toothpicks, and wrapped smarties with the black and white paper (it looks like cow into the foam.

I opted to do finger foods only, so we made two different types of cupcakes and added a monogram cupcake pick. I tried to find only black and white was more difficult than what I thought!!

More cupcakes.....we cut large squares of black and white paper to break up some of the white of the tablecloths. I also printed out place cards to label all of the need to doubt what kind of cupcakes your eating or flavor of dip.

Here is a small niche which happened to be the only place with a plug in....use what you have I suppose. I turned it into the area for the "hot foods". We had chili, chips, and cheese. We made the banner and of course more roses.

I took the birthday girl outdoors for a photo shoot the day before. I made her a hair bow and matching flowers to go on her shirt. We also used the paper roses we prepared for the party. We dressed her following the black, white, and pink theme. I also used ribbon that I picked up at a yard sale to make rosettes to use on the front of the tables.

Here are our custom boards we made from wrapping paper, streamers, and a pizza box. I also had a few extra pictures and used those as well.

I wanted to fix up a dress up area for them to use to take pictures. I thought I would do a photo shoot and post them on Facebook. Let's just say the boys had SO much fun with feather boas and pink party hats!!! I should have covered the table and kind've wanted a mirror...but there was only so much time.

Here is the backdrop for the photo shoot quick, simple, and easy!!!! More streamers and wrapping paper.

The birthday girl ready for her close up!!!!
Thankfully we can use all of her party decor for her bedroom. Can't wait to hang the roses up in her room...did I mention I love those???
How do people do these grand parties??? I thought I had everything figured out....I can't imagine how people do these completly over the top parties!!!
Well, off to bed...busy week ahead!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter, Myleigh! You did a great job with all the party decorations! Love the banner and roses!

  2. You did a fabulous job with this party! I'm sure your daughter will remember it for a very long time, if not forever.

  3. Oh How charming! Happy Birthday to your DD! did she and her friends love it? Vanna

  4. Everything is just adorable...and I bet you can use quite a bit of it in her bedroom!
    Have a great week!

  5. I miss you Crystal!! Come back soon!!! Rhonda