Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Putting Things Away

I always hate putting everything away after Christmas, but something new here and there seems to lighten my spirits. Here is my little lamp in place. It makes a great nightlight. I also love collecting pitchers. I find them at yard sales and thrift stores, and never pay much. This is my Dollar Tree find of the season. They had these out for Christmas but, they were so pretty I decided to keep them out all year around. I like finding seasonal items on clearance and be able to use them all year. I bought a ton of these. They were .50 each so every time I saw a couple I would buy them. I hope I have enough!
Here's my table again. I slid it over in front of my picture window. The window is large and so is my table so it looks great there (the plants needing sun doesn't hurt either).

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