Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Instant Architecture

My living room had no architecture at all! I usually don't need help with projects but had to enlist my Dad. I was a bit overwhelmed. First I went to the lumberyard and picked up a 1 x 8 board. Then I picked up this little piece of trim. My Dad helped me cut angles and nail and glue the background piece.I brought the unfinished piece home and placed the small trim around the top and bottom of the entire piece. I had a wallpaper border with a relief on it and placed it in between the 2 pieces of trim. Then, I bought these little appliques. They were 2 in a pack. I wanted to highlight these so, boxed the corners with the small trim.
I painted the entire thing out white and here it is instant architecture! It fits across the entire length of my picture window. Not to mention, if I ever move I can take it down and bring it with me.

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