Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspired By.....Love

I've been so inspired by others I decided to make a banner. I think I will be able to keep it out all year round. I used .....a pizza box, leftover burlap, an old songbook, Dollar Tree glitter, and a piece of ribbon from a blanket we purchased (I never throw ribbon away)!
I took a stencil and traced out my letters onto cardboard. Cut them out then glued the pieces of music to the letter with regular white glue. As you can see, I just cut out the burlap in a random banner shape. Before I forget I did run a stream of hot glue around the edges of the burlap to make sure it didn't unravel and further.

I cut a page in half to make this. I had to use 3 strips then fan folded them. I cut out a circle of black construction paper, coated it in glue and glittered it. I topped it off by hot gluing an old earring to the center.

I took hot glue and glued the letters to the burlap, the burlap to the ribbon, and the rosettes to the ribbon.

The finished product!!!

Not bad for a project of found items around the house!!! It was free!

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