Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free,Quick,Easy....Wall Art

What can you possibly do with all these things???? I'm so glad you asked!!! The painting w/ frame were free from a friend. I have never been a fan of this frame and painting together....they just don't go!! The burlap was also free in a pile of yard sale items. It was a hidden treasure. The pizza box...trash rescue! The print was the only thing I spent money on and I went to Staples and printed it out of a book I was $1.00! I cut the pizza box to size and wrapped the burlap around the cardboard. As you can see all I had was masking tape.....but, it works!!!!
Here is the finished product!!!! Practically a free project! I'll add some glass later. I took the masking tape and taped the print in the center!!!

Have a great Saturday!!!

1 comment:

  1. How clever and talented you are. You took almost nothing and created a pretty picture. Very well done.