Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finding Me!

 I've really...REALLY slacked on blogging!! I can't remember the last time I blogged. I've been thinking for the last several days how I miss it. I made wonderful friends that I completely lost touch with. I've been finding myself!! I know it sounds COMPLETELY CRAZY (even to myself) I've gotten lost along the way.

 I can see 40 (not there yet) but I can see it coming and I just wasn't happy with myself. To be my age I really thought I should have it all together by now. I should be financially secure, happy with my self image (perfect weight), have the home and car of my dreams, pretty much my life should be perfect....(I know right? What was I thinking?). But, instead of any of those things I was someone's wife, someone's mother....sometimes I just didn't feel like I had a name. Sometimes stay at home moms are just that...wives to their husbands and mothers' to their children...I had NO identity! I would look at all the blogs and everyone seemed to have found their place in life...that certain thing they were passionate about...a place where they belonged....NOT ME!! I honestly wondered what was wrong with me!!

 It's not that I'm not good at anything. I think I do pretty well in the photography dept, I like crafts (just not enough to sell them), I love decorating (but space is limited), then you throw in husband, kids, dogs....who has time to find what they're passionate about? I love all of these things!

 A few things I've figured out (recently) is I like who I am. I began volunteering at a local thrift store (so I'm not home 24/7)....and guess what? They know my name!! Exciting for most for me...yippeee!!! I get paid in clothing, shoes, handbags, home items....(yes I also hear the choir singing). I feel like I make a difference there (it's nice to be appreciated). I also feel like I'm making a contribution to our family. I go shopping less (no need to buy a shirt when I just brought home I dress better, I feel better, I'm saving money, I feel better with me.

 Maybe it's time to blog again...I would love to share advice on money. I've lived a long time on very little, and I think it's something to be proud of.  I love my new clothes and shoes (thank you Pinterest). I see so many things on there that may not be exact but, certainly close enough!!!  I still LOVE decorating & of course crafts. I hope so share a little of everything, maybe that's my place in the world...nothing particular but, a little of everything!!

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  1. Yea Crystal....So happy for you! I have missed you, I really have!! I have also had some revelations in my life and trying to deal accordingly, if that's possible......hoping for the best for sure!! Great to hear/see you again!!!! Rhonda