Friday, April 30, 2010

Small Finds At A Sale

I noticed a yard sale yesterday on my way home from school. I was in a big hurry to get home and decided to wait a few minutes and go back. It was a friend of mine having the sale. I found a few clothes and this sweet cherub! I also found this angel. Am I a fan of angels......not particularly. But she has real hair and feather wings. I don't know about her yet....she needs shabbied up. Not sure if I'll save her for Christmas or keep her out now.

Both pieces were .50 each so what can a girl do? If you want them buy them! They'll still look nice even if stored in a !!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Helped Build It Myself!!

Linking with Cindy at My Romantic Home today!
I've wanted to go to school for years now. The problem was I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Sounds strange ....I know. But my master plan was to get married....check. Have kids.......check 2 times. Then what??? I didn't think that far ahead. After daughter was in high school and the other was in second grade I thought about what I wanted. I decided I wanted to attend a vocational school! Wow, what a big step. Something just for me! Well, husband lost his job and plans got pushed back a year. Disappointing but what can you do? Began school the end of August. Finally, after an entire school year taking building & construction this is the finished result!!! Our class built a modular home on site at school! I've learned a lot at school!

The opening from the living room to the kitchen, pick your battles with your instructor! Counter didn't fit so we got a new one....very happy. Paint color, chose a different color then he picked something turned out anyway. I loved doing the tile back splash! Thinking I can put one in my kitchen....eventually!
Big picture of the kitchen.............really like installing hardwood floors.

Installing a fireplace....easy!

I love the tray ceiling in the living room.........although I never want to do another one ever again!

Love the garden tub in the master bath.........tile is fun but messy!

Here is the house. I helped build the floors, walls, and roof.
I tell people all the time I've learned just enough to get myself in to trouble!!

Open House is today! I'm very proud of our hard work!!! Wish me luck!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Turning Shabby

I've known all along what I wanted my living room to look like. I've known for 14yrs believe it or not! I've went through many (and I mean many) different looks. I think I've finally got it!

Finally the picture of my bowl! A print my mom bought me! Probably need something bigger to replace the birdhouse......

Chandelier.....wish I had one in every room just like this one!

Added more to my walls. I like clutter. Fills the space.

I'm getting there. One room down........3 more to go!

Top 10 Things I Can't Pass Up!

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I made a list of my top 10 things I can't pass up. No matter what , if they're on the down low (dirt cheap) I just can't pass them by.

No. 10.....Sheets. I didn't realize I had a sheet problem until recently. I thought "maybe" I had a white sheet to use as ruffles on curtains. I checked in my closet and had at least 6 white sheets....oops! I didn't mention the pinks and florals. No. 9.....Shower curtains! I decided no more shower curtains......then bought the pink one...teehee. Well, it was on clearance.It's so easy to change the entire look by switching curtains.

No. 8.....Pitchers and teapots. Can't get enough of them. No matter what, if I find one cheap I buy it! They're just so cute.

No. 7.....Books and magazines. I can never have enough. I love them and do look at them often. I find lots of books at a store called Ollies. They get closeouts and have them cheap. The 3 books you see standing up were only $4.99 each. Cheaper than magazines! I have a few of those I can't live without.
No. 6.....Lamps. Is it bad to have lamps in all sizes, shapes, and colors? With misc shades to go on them?

No. 5.....Old linens. I can't walk by linens without stopping to check them out. This set I brought home from my grandmothers. No one else wanted them so I took them all! I went to a yard sale last summer and there was an entire basket of linens with a free sign. I did ask and yes the basket and everything inside was free! I took them all!!!

No. 4.....Chairs. Why....I don't know. I'm obsessed with chairs. If they're free or cheap, have pretty lines, they're coming home. Do I have room you ask? NO but, that's what outbuildings are for right?

No. 3.....Cherubs. Pictures of them, candy dishes, hanging on the wall, or holding candles, I just can't pass by a cherub.

No. 2.....Old dishes. If I see old dishes I definitely take a look. I've been known to dig through stacks of dishes looking for just the right one. Preferably ones with roses. I would love to collect until I had an entire set. I have them in cabinets, and love them hanging on the wall. Platters are nice too. Oh and let's not forget bowls......


Are you ready for it No. 1????

No. 1.....Chandeliers. All chandeliers!!! I could never have enough. Now that I think about it I have 1 in my bathroom.....sounds a little odd. 2 in my bedroom.....not so bad. 4 in my living room....sounding a little excessive. 2 in my attic....beginning to sound like I have a problem................nah I didn't think so either!!!

Will I be on Hoarders someday? Probably! But, I'll have pretty things to look at!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bathroom Do-Over

I know, it's probably terrible to show pics of your bathroom and then start all over. That's where the A D D comes in (at least that's what I keep telling myself)! Anyway, here it is a few changes....big difference. Guess what this is...........give up? It's an old headboard. You know the wooden bookshelf type. Turned upside down and good coat of white paint.

Cherubs.....I do love them.

Don't know how long these will last. The first time something gets knocked off............

I think I'm putting 500 white hand towels on the list......well maybe not that many but a few so I'll always have an actual "white" one.

Finally my shower curtain from Big Lots. I'm lovin' it!

We'll see how long this look lasts before I change again!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bath Pics

This is it! Yes the only bathroom in our entire house! Is it difficult.......yes! Never a quiet moment to yourself... even in here. I changed everything a few months ago after buying a black shower curtain. All the other things just fell into place.

This is a set of prints I bought off of a dear friend, Lena. She has a small junk shop close by. My Dollar Store bottles.

Monogrammed towel. I found these at a Gabriel Brothers Store for $1.49 each. Yay!

Behind my bathroom door. We have no closet, storage is a must.

I have a new mirror in storage to replace this one but I'm waiting to remodel first.

My $10 shower curtain that started it all (as you can tell not a fan of ironing)!

Hope you liked it.....I took it all down and started all over again!

From Pink to White

Pink White curtains!!! I'm liking the white!
Crisp, clean, and ready for summer!

Changed Curtains

I had a hard time last year finding the just the right curtains. I finally decided to buy sheets and make my own. After searching Wal-Mart I finally found 2 twin white sheets, and 2 full white sheets. I didn't want just plain white sheets.
I ran upon this baby comforter and bumper pad at the Salvation Army. I don't remember how much it was I'm thinking around $3.00. I love the fabric, and still have some left. I took the bumper pad apart and ran a strip along the edge of each side of the curtain.

Still missing something so I added a ruffle all the way down. I love the way they turned out. Very Shabby Chic for nearly nothing!
I'll take a better pic later of the set. The light coming in was terrible.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

$4.00 Pillows

I'm going backward. I had finished this post but, the longer I looked at these pillows the more plain they became. I made a flower and added it to the corner.........Now I think I'm finished! Again! My A D D must be in overdrive!

I wanted new pillows for my couch. Just can't find what I want. I picked up a white sheet from Wal-Mart for $4.00. I thought I would do a quick post on how to make pleats for pillows. These pleats are so pretty and feminine.
First, I laid the sheet out and measured in 4and 1/2 inches. I cut all the way around leaving this piece. One edge is already finished. I decided on one inch pleats, then cut out a piece of cardboard to wrap the fabric over.

After lapping the fabric I slip out the cardboard and do a second.

Then I iron them down to make sharp creases. After this I pinned each pleat to hold them in place, then ran a seam down the entire piece.

I took the sheet folded it and split it in half. After this I ran one side through the machine making a cylinder. I placed the pleats inside the cylinder, and ran a seam along the edge. I took another pleated piece and had to sew it to one side. After that I stuffed the pillow inside and hand stitched it closed.

This is a finished product. Clean and fluffy.

Here is the set not bad for a $4.00 Wal-Mart sheet!

Notice Myleigh in the mirror. She wanted in the pic, she said will you put me on your blog????

How could I not!